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Virginia Commonwealth Scholastic (K-12) Chess Tournament

(This is open to all K-12 students. We also welcome kids from other states.  U.S.C.F RATED)


Schedule: March 25, 2017 (Saturday) 1:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Location: Virginia Academy

Address:  19790 Ashburn Rd, Ashburn, VA 20147

Rounds: 4 rounds Swiss; non-elimination 

Time Control: 30 minutes each player

Registration Fee: $25 

There are three different sections so that each player can find the right level of challenge:

BEGINNERS: K-8 (Unrated-500 USCF ratings)

ADVANCED: K-12 (501-999 USCF ratings)

CHAMPIONSHIP: K-12 (USCF Ratings of 1000 and higher)



Each Section: Trophies to Top 5. Medal to the Top Girl.


Round times will be accelerated when possible and awarding ceremony will be presented as soon as a section is finished to lessen the waiting time.

Parental supervision is required for the duration of the tournament and children are asked not to roam around the school. Stay on-site or arrange for another adult supervisor to stay on-site to supervise your kid/s. Tournament officials are too busy running the tournament to be responsible for children’s safety and behavior.























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