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Private Chess Lesson (1:1) ***not available at this time

Private coaching is particularly useful for players who wish to improve their game rapidly, or for those who are already at a strong level and need help with particular topics such as openings, middlegame, and endgame strategies or just help analysing games. A private coach can assist in choosing and developing an opening repertoire, depending on the student’s style of play, explaining typical tactical and strategical themes involved, and also possible plans for the middlegame for both colors.


Private coaching is also an ideal setting for the student to ask questions, in which the coach can cater for their individual needs.


Students are encouraged to write down their moves in competition games, so that the coach can analyse their games in detail. This is extremely helpful for improving a student’s standard of play, as the coach can identify and explain strengths and weaknesses in the student’s play, so that both coach and student are aware of which areas need further development to become a more complete chess player. Homework is given after each lesson to compliment the lessons.


Session is usually conducted in one to two hours. Our coach assess the strengths and weaknesses of each player and then give them tools to correct their weaknesses.


What is included in the lesson plan:


1. Opening for white and black

2. Study of Endgame

3. Study of Typical Middlegame

4. Solving Tactical and Strategical Exercises

5. How to Prepare for a Tournament

6. Students will learn how to utilize the modern art of chess preparation.

Learn with us and meet new friends!
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