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Attendance/Make-up Class:


Students are expected to attend all sessions for the month they registered in. There will be no refunds from student cancellations and there will be no adjustment in tuition.


Students who can`t come on his scheduled class is expected to inform the chess coach in advance or the following day in order to have a make-up within that week or within that very same month. In the event that the student can`t come at all that month, his make-up class will be forfeited and the teacher will simply provide him all the chess lessons/materials that were discussed on his missed day/s in the form of a soft or hard copy.



Behavior Policy:


We always hope that students enjoy their time studying chess with us and have fun, but we also expect students to maintain reasonable standards of discipline, and to respect their coach as their coach respect them. In case of serious discipline problems, coach first talk to the student, and if the problems continue, the student’s parent would be contacted. 

What is a chess rating?


A chess rating system is a system used in chess to calculate the strength of the player, based on his or her performance against other players. All players will start from zero. Current World Champion Magnus Carlsen has a rating of 2863! He recorded the highest rating in chess history.


How can I join a chess tournament?


First of all, it is highly recommended that all students of Virginia Commonwealth Chess Kids to participate in a tournament. Please check website to check any upcoming competitions around the area. In the coming months, VC Chess Kids will host monthly rated scholastic tournaments. I also recommend for kids to sign-up at After signing up at, students will receive chess magazines dedicated for kids. All US-rated competitions require membership from

How can I improve my game? 


It is entirely based on your level. But for lower-rated players, it is recommended to allocate more of your time practicing tactics, then tactics, and after that, tactics again. Let`s say you have one hour and half to practice chess: 1 hour for tactics, 30 minutes on books with well-annotated games (please check my book recommendations on each level). Also, it is beneficial to attend chess lessons regularly and listen closely to the explanation by the chess coach (ideas in the opening, thinking process, typical plans, how to convert an advantage). Lastly, it is best to practice using slow time control: no less than 20 minute time control for each player and please stop playing Bughouse chess.

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