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Our Highly-Structured Chess Curriculum

Our program starts students on the path of learning chess in a highly-structured, challenging, but fun and comfortable learning environment. We utilize a well-organized curriculum that takes kids from zero chess knowledge all the way to the advanced level (Class A rating). 

Our curriculum was created to address the needs of young chess learners who have the potential to become future chess champions. We are committed to promoting chess to kids who are interested to learn chess and to experienced players who wanted to improve their understanding of the game and eventually increase their chess rating.

Students will be exposed to different modules according to their levels. 
Level 1 (Beginners) is for kids who can play a complete game of chess. They will learn more about basic tactics, introduction to basic openings, middlegames, and endgames.  This step-by-step method will provide a solid foundation that all chess learners can use at their current level, while at the same time, preparing them for the next step in their chess journey.
Tournament Preparation Program is a more challenging class and is designed for kids who are active tournament players and students who are planning to join tournaments in the future.
By joining our program, students will benefit for various reasons. For some, it will provide an introduction to many endgames and middle-game concepts that they have not encountered before, while for more advanced players it can provide a quick revision course and serve to highlight any gaps in their chess knowledge. 
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