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Committed To Develop Young Chess Talents!

We offer a highly-structured chess curriculum designed for students with zero chess knowledge all the way to the advanced level
(Class A).

We successfully produced State (3 State Champions in 2018 alone), National, and International Champions. Some chess students in Asian countries have earned master titles.

We are committed to producing future chess champions and better students in schools.

Student`s progress will be closely monitored. Parents will regularly receive feedback. 

Why Join Our Chess School?

 Exceptional Performances by our Students!

Kent Slate finished tied for 2nd-8th!

March 07, 2020

Kent Slate scored a big win in the last round of the K-8 Championship. Kent finished with 4/5 points and tied for 2nd-8th Place. Kent received the 7th Place trophy after the tie-break system.

Owen Levine finished strong 2nd!

March 07, 2020

4th Grader Owen Levine finished second with a score of 4/5 points. Owen had 3 wins and 2 draws and no defeat. Owen almost won the 5th grade championship after getting a much better game in a highly complicated game against the eventual champion Kevin Su. 

Xander and Chance Nguyen

March 07, 2020

K-3 Championship: Xander Nguyen finished with 4/5 points to earn the 3rd trophy. Chance Nguyen won her 4th straight Virginia Top Girl trophy. She will be the representative in the upcoming Susan Polgar Invitational Tournament for Girls. 

Shaurya finished 3rd!

March 07, 2020

5th Grader Shaurya Bisht finished strong in the K-5 Championship with a score of 4/5 points. Shaurya won the 3rd place trophy.

K-8 Under 1200: Kingston Ho finished 4th!

March 07, 2020

Kingston Ho scored 4/5 points and won the 4th Place trophy.

Aaditya won the K-5 Top Under 1400!

March 07, 2020

Aaditya Bilakanti finished 3/5 points. He won the Top Under 1400 award.

K-5 Championship

March 07, 2020

K-5 Championship: Congratulations to all chess kids who finished inside the Top 8th in a very tough K-5 section.  7/8 kids in this picture are my past and present students. It is really a joy to see them succeed.

Sahaj finished 5th in K-3 Under 600

March 07, 2020

Sahaj Sharma finished 5th Place in K-3 Under 600 Section. 

2019 VA State K-5 Championship: Chance Nguyen - VA State Co-Champion!

March 10, 2019

5th Grader Chance Nguyen of Loudoun County won her 1st State Championship and 3rd Top Girl Award. Chance finished with 4.5/5 points and now sporting a little over 1700 USCF rating.

State Championship: Brian Tay wins the Elementary Blitz Championship

March 10, 2019

Brian Tay won the Blitz Championship with a dominating performance of 7.5/8 points.

Brian was the K-3 (2017) and K-5 (2018) Virginia Champion, but was unable to win the K-8 this year.

Brian’s biggest win of his career came in the 3rd round when he beat Jason Liang who has a 2300 US rating.


This was the most exciting result of the whole tournament.

VA State K-3 Championship: Nandu Ari finished with 4.5/5 points to finish strong and clear 2nd place.

March 10, 2019

VC Chess Kid Nandu Ari finished with 4.5/5 points to finish strong and solo 2nd place.


In addition to this, Nandu Ari and another VC Chess Kid Daniel Xiao represented Mill Run Elementary and finished strong 5th Place award despite having only 2 players in the team. 

K-3 State Championship: 7 VC Chess Kids are in the Top 10

March 09, 2019

2019 VA State K3 Team Event: Liberty Elementary School finished 4th Place

March 10, 2019

Anuraag Pasula and Ryan Liu of Liberty Elementary finished strong and grabbed the 4th Place Trophy in the recently concluded VA State Team Championship.

2019 VA State Championship: Neel Bhaskar 7th Place

March 10, 2019

3rd grader Neel Bhaskar finished with 3.5/5 points to win 7th place.

2018 National Grade Level Championship: 3rd Grade Section

December 15, 2018

3rd grader Owen Levine finished 2nd in his section with 6/7 points. 

2018 National Grade Level Championship: 2nd Grade Section

December 15, 2018

7 year old Dhruva Patil finished 3rd with 6/7 points. Dhruva is currently Number 1 in the Under 7 year old age bracket in the nation.

2018 National Grade Level Championship: 5th Grade Section

December 15, 2018

Brian Tay finished with 6/7 points, tied for 2nd place and winning the 5th place trophy on tiebreaks: his first win in a National level tournament! Brian won 5 games and 2 draws with no defeat in this tournament. He drew with fellow US Cadet Representative Jed Sloan in the final round. Their game was live on the internet.

2018 Maryland Middle School Championship

December 15, 2018

Two V.C. Chess Kids did very well in the Maryland Middle School Championship. Alan Jegan (1678 USCF) finished tied for 2nd-4th with 3/4 points and Anish Mariappan (1600 USCF) finished 5th place with 2.5/4 points.

VC Chess Kids competing in 2018 World Cadet Championship in Spain

November 05, 2018

2018 World Cadets Chess Championship in Spain.

Good luck to our 2 students who will represent Team USA!

Brian Tay is back to back Virginia K-3 and K-5 Co-Champion. Brian is Ranked 80th out of 200 players in this World Youth Championship.

Chance Nguyen is the back to back K-3 and K-5 Virginia Top Girl!

Dhruva Patil is also invited but decided not to participate this year. He is the current Number 2 in the Age 7 and under in America today.

Go VC Chess Kids! Go USA!

McNair September 2018 - K-3: Kindergartener Ryan Liu wins his first ever tournament!

September 29, 2018

Kindergartener Ryan Liu in his first ever tournament finished 1st with a score of 4.5/5 points in the September 2018 edition of McNair Scholastic Chess Tournament. Ryan learned to play chess in May and is rapidly improving his playing skills. Ryan is regularly attending our Monday Intermediate Group.

Brian and Barzin both have crossed over 1800 USCF!

August 30, 2018

Arlington Chess Club Open section:
VC Chess Kid Brian Tay (will represent USA in the Boys Under 10 in Spain this November) finished with a solid 3/5 points.
Lost to 2142
Lost to 1966
Won - 1900
Won - 1837
Won - 1992

VC Chess Kid Barzin Badiee defeated a 2100 and 1970 rated guys.

International Chess: Malaysian Chess Festival - Brian Tay finished 9th among 100 kids!

August 19, 2018

With a final score of 4.5/6 points, Brian placed 9th (for Boys) out of 101 and won a 🏅. A strong start and showing for Brian on his first international rapid tournament. Go Brian - USA!

August 2018: Washington International - Barzin finished 1st in the Under 1800 section!

August 15, 2018

Barzin Badiee finished first in a very strong Contenders Section (Under 1800) in the Washington International Chess. Barzin continues to show consistent improvement. Barzin is part of our Advanced Wednesday Group. Barzin started as a complete beginners and is now achieve his peak rating of 1800 USCF.

South Florida Open Under 1800: Our online student Dhruva Patil finished 1st in an adult tournament.

January 01, 2020

Dhruva scored 4/5 points to secure the 1st place via tie breaks in a tough Under 1800 section of the August South Florida Open. Dhruva a seven year old kid now improves his rating to 1720 USCF. Dhruva is one of the top young players in the nation and was informed by the US Chess Federation to represent USA in the World Under 8 Championship in November of this year in Spain.

June 2018 - Continental Class Championship: AADARSINI MURUGAN AYYAPPAN wins the Under 1600 Section!

June 16, 2018

Congratulations to our Wednesday Advanced Group student Aadarsini Ayyappan (6th Grader) for winning her section with a perfect score of 5/5 points and won $1300.

Aadarsini entered the tournament with one of the lowest ratings, but successfully finished the event with a clear 1st place. She improved her rating to 1631 USCF.

She joined the group when she was very new to chess and now has been attending for a year and half.

2018 Maryland K-5 State Championship: Our student Anish Mariappan is a Co-Champion!

March 25, 2018

Our student Anish Mariappan finished as Co-Champion in the 2018 Maryland K-5 State Chess Championship. Anish finished with 4/5 points. Anish came in as an underdog, but defeated higher rated players than him. Congratulations! Keep it up!

2018 VA State K-5 Championship: Brian Tay is a Co-Champion!

March 05, 2018

9 year old Brian Tay of Loudoun County finishes strong with a 5.5/6 points in the recently concluded VA Scholastic K-5 State Championship. Brian drew his final game with his co-champion Arnav Gupta.


Brian is now a back-to-back champion who also won the K-3 Section last year. 

2018 Florida K-1 State Championship: Dhruva wins the title two years in a row!

March 04, 2018

7 year old Dhruva Patil once again wins the Florida State Chess Championship. This is Dhruva`s 3rd State Championship in 3 years. Dhruva is currently sporting a 1550 USCF rating and one of the top players in his age bracket in the country.

2018 VA State K-3 Championship: Pranav Swaminathan finished strong in K-3 with 5/6 points finishing tied for 3rd-5th place.

March 05, 2018

8 year old Pranav Swaminathan of Fairfax County, VA scored 5/6 in the recently concluded VA Scholastic K-3 Championship. Pranav tied for 3rd to 5th place.

Barzin two solid performances in February

February 23, 2018

Arlington Chess Club Under 1700- 1st
DMV Under 1800- 1st

I’m happy to see him improved from an absolute beginner showing him the basic rules of the game up to this day studying a bit more advanced topics.

2017 National Scholastic Championship- Dhruva 2nd Place!

December 10, 2017

Dhruva finished 2nd in the National Scholastic Chess Championship.

2017 K-1 National Scholastic Chess Championship

December 10, 2017

VC Chess Kid Dhruva Patil finished strong 2nd. Dhruva is a six year old young talent who is currently rated mid 1500 USCF.

2017 National Scholastic Chess Championship

December 10, 2017

VC Chess Kid Kevin Su finished tied for 8th to 14th place. Kevin is consistently improving and is now currently rated mid 1600 USCF.

Arlington Chess Club Under 1700 Section

November 11, 2017

VC Chess Kids Brian Tay and Barzin Badiee finished tied for 1st. Congratulations to both kids!

2017 U.S. National Open Championship: Jason wins 1st in the Under 1800 section

August 06, 2017

Chess prodigy Jason Liang wins the Under 1800 section of the 2017 U.S. Open Chess Championship held in Norfolk, Virginia. Jason defeated several players who are much higher rated than him. Jason is also the 2017 Virginia Scholastic K5 State Champion. Jason is now rated close to an expert level. Congratulations and we are so happy and proud of your success! We are wishing you of more triumphs!

2017 National Invitational Chess Kid Online Championship Under 6 years old: Dhruva wins the championship with a perfect score of 5/5 points!

August 31, 2017

Dhruva showed strong performance in the Under 6 year old division by scoring a perfect 5 points. Dhruva defeated tournament favorite and higher rated Rachel Li in their individual match ups.

Srimayi Merugu wins the 1st Capital Area Chess Grand Prix!

June 19, 2017

Srimayi Merugu a 5th grade student from chess powerhouse McNair Elementary School won the 1st ever Capital Area Chess Grand Prix.  Srimayi first attended Coach Joseph`s chess class when she was rated less than 500 USCF.  We are so happy and proud of you! Wishing you nothing but the best!

Allison Tay finished 16th in 2017 Super Nationals K5 Under 1200!

May 19, 2017

Big Congratulations to Allison! We are so happy and proud of you!

Dhruva Patil Wins the 2017 National Invitational Age-Group Championship!

June 12, 2017

Six years old Dhruva Patil dominated his age group by winning his section with a perfect score. Dhruva is the only participant in this event who finished with a perfect score. Dhruva beat Rachel Li in their individual match-up. Dhruva is currently rated above 1500 USCF. We are very proud of you!

2017 Virginia K-3 State Championship: Brian Tay wins the championship with a perfect 6/6 points!

March 06, 2017

Brian Tay a 3rd grade student from Little River Elementary School won the 2017 VA K3 State Championship with a perfect 6/6 points! Brian beat players who are higher rated than him to etched his name in the historic list of Virginia Scholastic champions. Big Congratulations!

Liberty Elementary finished 5th Place

March 06, 2017

Kaushal, Vishvag, and Anantha finished 5th in the 2017 Virginia Scholastic K5 Team Event.

Dhruva wins the 2017 Florida State K1 Championship

March 06, 2017

Dhruva convincingly won the 2017 Florida State K1 Scholastic Championship.  Coach Joseph had a chance to teach Dhruva at a tender age of 4 years old. They are still communicating via internet. 

Diya Deepak wins the 2017 Virginia K5 State Top Girl!

March 06, 2017

Diya finished strong in the 2017 Virginia K5 State Championship with a score 5/6 points. Diya won her last round game to secure the 5th place finished over-all and the prestigious 2017 Top Girl in the State of Virginia. We are so proud of you! Big Congratulations! 

Dhruva Co-Champion in the 2016 National Kindergarten Championship!

December 19, 2016


Grace Calapati wins the 2016 Virginia K3 State Top Girl!

March 07, 2016

Grace Calapati a 3rd grade student from Pinebrook Elementary School won the Top Girl award in the recently concluded 2016 Virginia K3 Scholastic Chess Championship. Grace won her last round marathon game that lasted more than 3 hours. We are very proud of you!

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2017 VA K-3 State Championship: VC Chess Kid Brian Tay wins the championship a perfect score of 6-0! Congratulations!

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